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I was born and raised in a small town in Central Texas.  I am an Army Veteran with a BA Degree In Sociology from Bishop College in Marshall, TX.  After graduating,  I fulfilled my duty to join the military.   During my time in the military, I was able to visit different countries and observe different cultures  that allowed me the ability to learn and respect other views and ways of life. 

I was inspired to run for school board because I have been a San Dimas resident for over 40 years. I have 2 children who went to elementary, middle, and graduated from high school within the the Bonita Unified school district.  Both went on to obtain degrees from Universities.  My son, from Azusa Pacific University and my daughter, from San Diego State University.  Also, my grandson will be entering the school district soon. 

When I moved to California, I obtained a job at IBM.  There I was one of the top sales representatives.  There I attended many technological classes and seminars to increase my knowledge and stay on top of emerging technologies.  I also worked in the solutions center where I would troubleshoot and solve issues on a daily basis.

Previously I worked for the Department of Commerce,  Bureau of the Census.  First as a government partnership specialist for the Los Angels Region.  During that tenure, I visited every city, county and unincorporated area in the Los Angles region.  I was able to get the mayors and the city council to endorse the work we were doing.  I was then brought back as a Regional Partnership Coordinator for the Los Angeles Region and the State of Hawaii.  I hired and trained a diverse group of 120 specialist ,  who spoke over 49 different languages that helped educate the community. It was this program that gave the Los Angeles Region and the State of Hawaii the best  response rate in the Decennial History.

Currently, I am a California State Parks and Recreation Commissioner.  The Parks Director comes to the commissioners to get approval for general plans, budget items, and deferred maintenance priorities.  As a commissioner, we implement programs based on the expressed concerns of local communities.  Parks and recreation has an annual budget of over $2 billion. I established the priorities as to how State Parts would handle deferred maintenance and those priorities are utilized today.