"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education..."


                                                         - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I have been a very active member of our community for 40+ years.  When my children were younger, I coached their baseball, softball, and pop warner football teams.  I continually support the annual San Dimas Rodeo and shop at small business in the area.
For 4 years, I was a member of the San Dimas Parks and Recreation Commision.  During this  time we installed the San Dimas Skatepark for our children as well as the dog walk/run facility for our pet owners.  For the past 10 years, I have worked at the polling precincts in the city.  It is my goal to continue to actively serve the people of our communities.



This pandemic has impacted all of our lives, unfortunately some more that others.  Thankfully children are some of the most resilient people on this earth.  We all want our children back in school, but only when it is safe. They should only have to concentrate on their classes and not their safety.  We must make sure our students and teachers who are actually in the classroom are our first priority.  I will go along with the scientists and doctors recommendations who have actually studied this disease and have first hand knowledge as to when it is safe for classroom studies. 


IEPs and 504's

This program has to be a major focus in the current educational environment.  Special needs children's educational programs must be presented as natural and normal as possible and their educational experience has to be as rich and rewarding as any other student attending school.  Individual Educational Plans are critical in providing a quality education to our students.  We will make sure that no child is left behind.


As we navigate this "new normal" we have to make sure that all students have access to the process by making sure they have the proper tools and equipment necessary for them to be able to be sucessful with online learning.  We need to make sure students can communicate with teachers or couselors if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  Also making sure the students stay engaged and are understanding the lessons mentally while not in the regular school environment. 

It is also important to keep students safe and savvy in a more digital and technological environment.  Students would be given access to counselors and teachers contact information if ever a situation should arise.  The district will ensure everything is being implemented to keep all parties connected.

Our Teachers


Our teachers are the greatest resource that any  educational system has.  In most instances they are over-worked and under-paid, that will never be a problem in the Bonita Unified School district.  Any teachers over the age of 65 or with pre-exising conditions will not be forced to return to their classroom unless they desire to do so. 


I am not endorsed by any left wing not right wing organization or corporation.  I am letting my resume speak for itself and hope that you can see the value in voting for a well qualified American Veteran.